Per our Bylaws, we have to inform the homeowners of all board meetings. This is to inform you that the Board of Directors will be meeting on Monday November 18th at 5:30pm at 4724 Ricky Ranch Road for a very short meeting in order to vote and ratify upcoming changes. My back garage will be open.

We are required by Texas law, and do not require a vote of the homeowners. This will be a very short, 15 minute meeting of the Board. We are required to allow homeowners to attend if they wish, however no one other than the Board will be able to speak or ask questions at this meeting. The minutes of this meeting will be on the website at

We will be having an HOA Open Board/Homeowners meeting in a couple of months at Godley Elementary. You will be sent an email announcing that meeting.

Agenda for Special Meeting

1.       Pursuant to Mustang Creek By Laws, Article 4, Section 4.4
Filling the vacancy of the President- Ratifying Vote

2.       Pursuant to Mustang Creek CC&R’s Section 5, Letter I
Voting on the matters related to the operation of the Association

Thank you,

Michael Raley
Mustang Creek HOA Board of Directors

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