Mustang Creek Homeowner’s Association Minutes


October 23, 2017 4:33pm 4450 Bucking Bronc Drive


Meeting called by

President Teann Nagelhout

Type of meeting

Board Meeting


Teann Nagelhout

Note taker

Chris Mayer


Chris Mayer


Teann Nagelhout, Chris Mayer, Jason Smith, Randy Cozart

Agenda topics

Time Alotted 30min

New Business

Teann Nagelhout



Teann explained that new laws effective in 2011 and 2012 require certain policies to be adopted by all non-Condominium associations.  These new laws require all HOA’s to draft and adopt 3 mandatory and 5 optional policies. Our HOA is not compliant with these new laws. Our Attorney drafted all 8 amendments for our review.
Teann asked if all Board members had reviewed the following policies:

1.    Document Inspection and Copying Policy

2.    Document retention Policy

3.    Payment plan Policy

4.    Guidelines for Rainwater Recovery Devices

5.    Guidelines for Religious Item display

6.    Guidelines for Roofing Materials

7.    Guidelines for Solar Energy Devices

8.    Guidelines for Display of Flags

All stated they had.  Randy moved to accept all 8 amendments.  Jason seconded the motion.  Teann called for a vote.  All approved


The Board of Directors for the MUSTANG CREEK HOMEOWNERS ASSOICIATION accepted all 8 Policies effective immediately.
Meeting was adjourned at 4:46
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CCR Amendments 10/25/2017



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