Annual Homeowner’s Meeting for Mustang Creek

Sunday, March 26, 2017, 3:00pm

Godley Elementary School Cafeteria


Meeting was called to order at 3:05pm. 

  • Loretta Marable asked that all ballots be turned in to the board of directors.
  • The Board of Directors present for the meeting: Loretta Marable, President; Allison Cobb, Secretary; Al Bloom, Treasurer;  Rus Sargent and Robyn Remotigue
  • Secretary Allison Cobb read the minutes from the December 6, 2016 meeting
  • Treasurer Al Bloom gave the bank balance of $126,763.06 and that he moved $100,000 of that balance to a savings account.  The Homeowners with outstanding accounts total $40,657.24.  It was noted that 9 homeowners had accounts from $1000.00 – $9000.00 on this delinquent list.  The others consisted of one or two years of non-payment of homeowner dues.
  • Three homeowners were asked to count ballots. Paula Gidwani, Courtney Shelton, and Steve Willis began opening the sealed ballot envelopes and counting in front of all members in attendance.
  • The Current Board of Directors went into executive session to have a phone conversation with lawyer, Taylor Anderson, Law Snakard and Gambill P.C. regarding actions on property owners with delinquent accounts and vote. (Those minutes are separate.) 
  • The Current Board of Directors went back into regular session to discuss the following.
  • The reimbursement of expenses incurred by Current Board of Directors: 
    • Al Bloom was reimbursed for mileage for the months of December 2016, January 2017 and February 2017 because he drove the Benbrook post office at least twice per week to check Post Office Box and make deposits at Chase Bank.  An error was made in tabulating his reimbursement and that will be corrected.
    • Loretta Marable will be reimbursed for the postage to mail ballots and the return addressed envelopes.
    • Robyn Remotigue will be reimbursed for the flowers that she planted in the front entrance pots.
  • Yuccas were removed from the front entrance by handyman Mike Mills.
  • Loretta Marable discussed that the board decided to fix the fence from Charles Ivers backyard on the 1187 fence line going West past the water tanks.  Our handyman Mike Mills completed this fence repair.  Loretta Marable informed us of her discussion with Mike Mills the he would fix the fence going to the east which is Mustang Creek 4 for $450.00.  Loretta explained to him that Mustang Creek 4 would need to pay to repair that portion of the fence.
  • Loretta Marable explained that she called Cindy, President of Globolink in early January 2017.  Loretta requested that Globolink use some of Mustang Creek 4’s(phase 4) funds to fix the falling fence.  Loretta also ask that some money be paid to Mustang Creek (phases 1,2,3) to reimburse for water bill, electrical bill, mowing and flowers.  Cindy at Globolink stated that the property owners of Mustang Creek 4 only pay $250 per year in homeowner dues and that no money is available for any expenses such as this.  Cindy stated that Peter Paulsen, President and Developer of Mustang Creek 4 would need to pay for these expenses.  Loretta stated that she has left numerous messages at Peter Paulsen’s Royal Crest offices for him to call her and she has yet to hear from him.  Cindy stated that she would have Peter Paulsen get in touch with Loretta.  Loretta never heard from Peter Paulsen, but in late January 2017 it was revealed on a NextDoor app.  that Peter Paulsen was stepping away from being the President and was handing over the Board of Directors positon to the homeowners of Mustang Creek 4.  Loretta stated that she noticed a NextDoor post that revealed the homeowners placed on that board are Tim Taylor, Duke Dalton and Bryan Causey.
  • Delay in special ballot to change/get more specific on CCRs.  Loretta stated that we have to have fee schedule printed out and recorded with Tarrant County.  Loretta contacted a different lawyer to get a price to have this special wording for an amendment to our CCRs and fine schedule.  The lawyer still has this information after 2 months and has not given an estimate.  Loretta stated that she hoped the new board had better luck finding a lawyer to do this work. 
  • Architecture Control Committee Report- most requests for pool, gazebos and fences are getting approved within a week.  There was one request that was submitted for their pool after the pool was completed.  That pool was within requirements so it was approved.
  • Loretta Marable asked Courtney Shelton to announce the new Board of Directors and those directors are: Randy Cozart, Chris Mayer, Teann Nagelhout and Jason Smith.  Courtney announced that 67 ballots were counted.  Therefore 67/190 properties is 35% and is above the 20% required for a quorum.  Loretta asked those new board members to decide who had the time or talent for the President, Treasurer and Secretary positions.  According to the Bylaws, that board takes effect immediately but when Loretta stated when she completed information for the Secretary of States office of the board members in April 2015 she wrote on the form that the term expires on May 1, 2017.  Loretta stated that she would talk to the lawyer, Taylor Anderson, to see if that was an issue or not.  Loretta believed that the Bylaws would be the accurate source and if need be the past board members could write a letter of resignation if this was an issue with the Secretary of State’s office.

 Meeting Adjourned at 3:43pm

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