HOA Board Meeting of the Mustang Creek Homeowner’s Association Minutes

Saturday, February 10, 2018
Godley Elementary School Cafeteria

  • Call to order @ 3pm by President, Teann Nagelhout
  • Board members present are Teann Nagelhout- President, Randy Cozart- Treasurer, Chris Mayer-Secretary, and Jason Smith- At large member
  • Maria Ratusznik spoke for 3-5 min
    Melissa Block spoke for 5 min Regarding article 7 metal roofs on homes.  Please consider metal roofing on homes.
  • Read minutes from October 23, 2017- Minutes were approved unanimously
  • Randy went over 2017 expenses
  • Imposed a $400 budget cost for Books/HOA subscription
  • The 2018 budgeted expenses of $24,015 was approved unanimously 
  • Teann spoke of Neighborhood signs (watch)
  • Motion was made and passed to put the following on Ballot to change CCR’s (old business)
    • The number of trailered vehicles (unpowered vehicle towed by a powered vehicle) store will be limited to two per lot on property
    • Powered vehicles should not be allowed to park on grass in front or back yards longer than 24 hours.
    • Trailers with more than two axles and/or XXX ft high may not be stored on property
    • Trash cans should never be left at street longer than 24 hours before trash pickup or 24 hours after trash pickup and should be stored up near the house
    • Disabled vehicles or vehicles on blocks should not be stored on property for longer than two weeks
  • (New Business)
  • Motion was made and passed to put the following on Ballot for CCR changes
    • No cars, trucks, boats, trailers, motorcycles, ATVs, campers, or any other vehicle shall be displayed on the grass of front yards and/or back yards with a For Sale Sign for the purpose of selling.
    • Large Storage containers, meant for holding large household items, cannot be stored on property for more than 7 days unless given prior approval from the Board or whichever governing body has this duty.
  • Motion was made to put allowing metal roofs on the ballot
    • Board decided we needed to get more information about metal roofing before putting it on the ballot
  • Meeting Adjourned @ 3:58
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