Facilitator: Teann Nagelhout, President

Board Attendees: Teann Nagelhout Chris Mayer Randy Cozart Jason Smith

Reporter: Jason Smith

Location: Godley Elementary School Cafeteria

  • Call to Order – 1:15pm
  • Introduction of Board members in attendance
  • Open Forum
  • No Members notified the HOA board that they wish to speak for 3 minutes each
  • Mayer reviewed and read aloud the meeting minutes from 2/10/2018
  • Minutes were approved as written by Board member

New Business

  • ACC’s stance on metal roofing Garden Expo update
    • Randy discussed his experience at the expo and that there are new metal roofing options coming on to the market that resemble shingles. ACC might look into allowing metal roofing based on type and style.
  • Congress’ influence on HOAs
    • There is a heightened focus on HOA operations in congress and we might be seeing new legislation emergine that will impact HOA operations and mandates. Within the next 5-6 years there is a likelihood that we will have to implement a usage meter on personal wells to monitor water consumption.
  • Treasurer’s Report
    • Randy reviewed the 2018 budget and proposed 2019 budget. Randy discussed in detail the 2018 budget vs. actual. 2018 budget was $24,015.00, actual was $18,377.21 with a variance of $5,637.79. Randy discussed in detail the proposed 2019 budget ($20,540.00) with adjustments in raising subscriptions from $500.00 to $1000.00 and legal fees from
      $10,000.00 to $15,000.00.
    • 190 properties in the HOA. At $250.00 annual dues. Expected gross revenue should be $47,500.00 annual if everyone pays.
    • The Board members unanimously voted to approve the proposed budget of $26,540.00.
    • 2018 financials will be posted on HOA website with minutes.
    • President’s Report by Teann Nagelhout
    • Teann read aloud her email to lower dues and the votes by the Board members to approve lowering the annual dues to $250 starting 2019.
      • Board unanimously voted to approve the lower dues for 2019.
    • 13 resale certificates issued last year
    • 23 violation letters/emails send by the Board for various violations by homeowners.
    • Lawyer has handled several very delinquent accounts with large balances and liens have been placed on some and several will be shortly. Several accounts were paid in full. 4-year law regarding collections only allowed us to collect past due accounts for the last 4 years because Acclaim did not make any attempt to collect monies owed us.
    • Lawyer has filed a notice of non-compliance with the county regarding a home that refuses to fix ACC violations.
    • Teann to post an Issues/Resolution list to the website to increase residents’ awareness and improve communication.
    • Teann has spoken with and emailed both Tarrant County and TxDOT about the FM2331/FM1187 intersection and our main entrance and was told (as well as Loretta Marable) that TxDOT has initiated a traffic and engineering study of the locations to determine if a flashing light, traffic signal or turn lanes are warranted. She has no idea how long that will take.
      • Teann requests people from the community call TXDOT and the County to fish for lights to be added to intersection and turn lanes added at main entrance. TXDOT – Precinct 1 Commissioner Brooks and County – George Tavers, Superintendant. Teann to post contact information on HOA website.
    • Teann has spoken with Tarrant County Sherriff Deputies about cameras/license plate readers at entrance. She was told:
      • Our neighborhood is one of the safest in the County.
      • Lock your vehicles!!! They cannot stress that enough!! Call to report suspicious vehicles/people because that gives them probable cause to stop someone in the neighborhood.
      • It would be more helpful to law enforcement if each home had security cameras
      • They can’t prosecute someone for driving on a public road.
      • Even if you find fingerprints on a car, they can’t prosecute because anyone can touch a car in public.
      •  If you have cameras, you can register them with the County. Teann to post instructions to website on how to do that.
    • I would like to form a few committees
      • Welcoming Committee – sends welcome letter to people who move in with information about the neighborhood or other pertinent information. May need to search for contact info or drop by to meet the neighbors on behalf of the HOA. I try to get contact info for new owners when I do the resale certificates but it’s not always possible and then we have to search tax records, etc. and I’ve heard from new owners that they often do not get the HOA paperwork we send with the resale certificate when they buy their homes. I hate for the first contact with a new owner to be a letter from us that they are violating the CCRs, etc.
      • Social Committee – Plan BBQ or social event for the community so we can get to know each other and interact as a community
      • Committee to try and get better internet/cable in the Neighborhood (Spectrum). Could also be a Board member instead of a committee? Research the issue and report back to the HOA
        • High speed internet is a concern. Teann to contact Rocky Creek HOA president to see if they have Fiber in their neighborhood.
  •  ACC Report by Teann Nagelhout
    • 17 ACC requests have been approved varying from roof replacements to garages to new home builds.
    • Goal of the ACC is to review and approve/deny within 2-3 weeks.
    • Landscape Repair and Fencing
      • Chris Mayer discussed increased landscape cost due to vehicle colliding with front entrance. Also, the repair needed to fence along 1187.
      • Chris is working with the president of the other HOA to work out the fence repairs along 1187 and will look at cost related to maintain the fence along out HOA.
    • Coop Water
      • Randy discussed that Crest water has been sending out information and that Shelcon is still in ownership of the community water.

Old Business

  • Ballot to go out to homeowners
    • Ballots to revise current CCRs to be composed by attorney to meet legal requirements.
    • Teann will provide attorney with info and proposed changes. Once attorney has completed. Board will provide more details through upcoming meetings or post to HOA website prior to being voted on.

New Business (Roundtable)

  • Survey to homeowners for changes to the CCRs
    • Will be added to the March HOA meeting.
    • Board will a lot time to discuss the upcoming ballot and voting process.
  • Fine Schedule
    • Rough draft of fine schedule presented to the Board members by Chris Mayer. Within the document Chris covered the covenant enforcement and fine policy.
    • This is a preliminary fine schedule and will be voted on by homeowners. Randy motioned to post the content to the HOA website after lawyer reviews it or present it at the next HOA meeting prior to ballots being sent out for voting. Motion carried and approved by the Board members.
  • Residents signing up on the website to receive notifications and updates.
    •  Residents can sign up on the HOA website to receive notifications when new documents are posted to stay up to date.
    • Teann presented information on the sign-up process. We will post a map on the website of the 2 separate HOAs in Mustang Creek.

Adjourned: 2:45pm

Next Meeting: TBD

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