2018 Open Board Meeting
February 10, 2018
Time: Immediately following the Special Meeting that begins at 2:00 pm
Location: Godley Elementary School Cafeteria

Meeting Called by: Teann Nagelhout, President


Call to Order

Introduction of Board Members

Open Forum
Members that notify HOA they wish to speak- given 3 minutes each
Discuss Foreclosures

Ratify last Board Meeting Minutes

Treasurer’s Report
2018 Budget

President’s Report

ACC Report

Old Business
Items to put on ballot to change CCRs (require vote of the homeowners). Still moving forward

  •  The number of trailered vehicles (unpowered vehicle towed by a powered vehicle) store will be limited to two per lot on property
  • Powered vehicles should not be allowed to park on grass in front or back yards longer than 24 hours.
  • Trailers with more than two axles and/or XXX ft high may not be stored on property
  • Trash cans should never be left at street longer than 24 hours before trash pickup or 24 hours after trash pickup and should be stored up near the house
  • Disabled vehicles or vehicles on blocks should not be stored on property for longer than two week

Additions to Rules and Regulations (Do not need a vote of the homeowners because there is already language about each in the current CCRs and this is just further clarification.

  • More specific language than “unsightly” and “neat and tidy”
    • Grass and weeds are not to grow taller than one foot on any lot
    • A dead tree or bush should be removed from landscaping of a property within three months after notice is sent in writing from the Board of Directors

New Business

  • Discussion on whether to put the following CCR changes to a vote of the Homeowners
    • No cars, trucks, boats, trailers, motorcycles, ATVs, campers, or any other vehicle shall be displayed on the grass of front yards and/or back yards with a For Sale Sign for the purpose of selling.
    • Large Storage containers, meant for holding large household items, cannot be stored on property for more than 7 days unless given prior approval from the Board or whichever governing body has this duty.
    • To allow metal roofing material on homes, auxiliary buildings, or both


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