Please review the profiles of the property owners that will be placed on our upcoming HOA board ballot.

  • Randy Cozart – Ricky Ranch

    Retired after 33 years at Lockheed Martin.  Current Board member and President of the Lockheed Martin Association of Retirees.  Serving as a Board member of the Northern Trinity Ground Water Conservation District.  Resident of Mustang Creek since 2004. 

    Previous Board member of the Benbrook Water and Sewer Authority, Benbrook Parks and Recreation Board, Benbrook Economic Development Corporation, South Benbrook Homeowners Association, as well as the Benbrook Community Center/YMCA.

    I would like to see consistent enforcement of the HOA rules.  I would also like to see the dues begin to reduce.  Our current dues are similar of those HOAs that have more benefits (i.e. pools and playgrounds).  I would like our HOA to team with other HOAs and developments to get the “No Turn on Red” signs removed from CTP and 1187.

  • Chris Mayer – Ladigo Lane

    Hello, my name is Chris Mayer, currently residing on Ladigo Lane.  I was asked by Loretta to maybe take care of the front entrance and whatever else I can do.  We’ve lived in Mustang Creek for a little over a year and we love it so far.  After being on NextDoor I realize we need help with the HOA and enforcing HOA guidelines/rules.  I’m willing to contribute my free time to help make this a beautiful, clean and safe neighborhood.

    I’ve been in sales for over 25 years and currently a sales manager at Utility One Source/Custom Truck and Equipment.

  • Teann Nagelhout – Bucking Bronc Drive

    I have loved living in Mustang Creek since 2005.  I spent my career working as a Pharmaceutical Research Scientist and have authored many articles for scientific journals.  I currently serve on the Architectural Control Committee, so I am very familiar with our CC&Rs and Bylaws.  I have worked closely with the board for the past 2 years, so I am familiar with what is required to keep our HOA running smoothly. 

    I have volunteered for various committees and always help the board out when asked.  I have researched and acquired the plat for the land owned by Mike Wells.  I put together the homeowner survey and was responsible for calculating and reporting the results.  

    I would like to serve on the board and continue the great work that the previous board has done.  Because I am not working at the time, I have the time and desire to put in the work required.  Since I’m blessed with this free time, I feel it only fair to serve and work to keep our neighborhood a place where people are happy to live and where we can all enjoy our homes and our lives. 

    I would like to play an integral part in maintaining our beautiful neighborhood for the current and future homeowners and their families.  I plan to be open and honest in all that I do on your behalf because I believe that is how you build neighborhoods and friendships and those values have always guided me in my life.  Thank you for your consideration!

  • Jason Smith – Ladigo Lane

    I moved into the neighborhood in September.  I work fulltime as the Director of Surgical Services at Medical City Fort Worth (formally Plaza Medical Center).  I want to be actively involved in the direction of the subdivision because we plan for this to be our homestead for many years to come.

    The vision I have for Mustang Creek is a continuation of being a highly regarded subdivision within our surrounding community.  As a subdivision, we pride ourselves on being family oriented and good stewards of the land while maintaining the tier property values and building positive relationships with neighbors.


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