HOA Survey Results 2016

HOA Survey Results 2016

  1. How important to you is a Dramatic/Stunning Entrance
    1. Very Important – 36.4%
    2. Not Important  – 29.7%
    3. Indifferent – 24.6%
    4. What we have is fine/Nice – 9.3%
  2. Current CCRs (Article VII section x) state that boats, trailers, mobile homes, campers, boat trailers, or other such wheeled vehicles  must be stored in a closed garage or behind a fence (except temporarily, not to exceed 24 hours).  How do you feel about the following?
    1. I think this is how the rule should stay and should be enforced by the HOA – 45.2%
    2. I think the rule should change so that such vehicles can be kept behind the back edge of the house but do not necessarily have to be behind a fence – 40.0%
    3. These vehicles should not be allowed to be stored on homeowner property for extended periods of time – 9.6%
    4. Indifferent – 5.2%
  3. How do you feel about limiting the number of boats, trailers, mobile homes, campers or other such wheeled vehicles stored on properties not in a closed garage?
    1. Limit to two trailers, boats, campers, etc. per property – 58.8%
    2. Limit to three trailers, boats, campers, etc. per property – 14.9%
    3. Unlimited trailers, boats, campers, etc. per property – 5.3%
    4. These vehicles should not be allowed to be stored on homeowner property for extended periods of time – 21.1%
  4. How do you feel about cars being parked on the grass?
    1. It’s ok for any length of time – 7.7%
    2. Cars should only be allowed to park on the grass for no more than 24hrs – 55.6%
    3. Cars should never be parked on the grass – 35.9%
    4. Indifferent – 0.9%
  5. How you feel about secondary vehicle entrances to properties?
    1. Gravel is ok – 20.9%
    2. Dirt is ok – 0.%
    3. Grass is ok – 4.5%
    4. Should be paved – 46.4%
    5. Indifferent – 28.2
  6. Current CCRs (Article VII, section ee) state that each lot owner shall maintain the landscaping and vegetation in such a manner as to control weeds, grass and/or unsightly growth at all times.  Do you feel this language is specific enough or should it be more detailed as to what is considered unsightly?
    1. This is specific enough – 62.9%
    2. It needs to be more specific – 34.5%
    3. Indifferent – 2.6%
  7. If the language were to be made more specific when it comes to mowing, how tall should grass be before it is in violation?
    1. No longer than 1 ft. (12 inches) – 70.1%
    2. No longer than 1.5 ft. (18 inches) – 17.8%
    3. Indifferent – 12.1%
  8. Some of our neighbors have guardrails on portions of their properties.  Which do you agree with?
    1. People with guardrails should mow/trim around them as they should with other parts of their property – 71.6%
    2. The HOA should pay to have the area around the guardrails mowed/trimmed – 17.2%
    3. Indifferent – 11.2%
  9. Many people have drainage easements, ditches, and/or the creek that either passes through or is a border to their property. Many of these areas are overgrown with scrub and weeds. (You may need to drive around the neighborhood and look specifically at these areas before answering this question.)  How do you feel about these areas?
    1. The property owners should mow/trim these areas as they do the rest of their property – 24.3%
    2. The HOA should hire someone to maintain these areas – 18.3%
    3. It’s not necessary to mow/trim these areas – 11.3%
    4. Each individual drainage easement, ditch and/or creek should be evaluated separately because some are dangerously steep – 41.7%
    5. Indifferent – 4.3%
  10. There have been complaints about trashcans being left on the street. Which of the following do you agree with most?
    1. Trashcans should be left at the street no longer than 24hrs before or after pickup – 76.1%
    2. Trashcans should be left at the street no longer than 48hrs before or after pickup – 19.7%
    3. Trashcans may be left for any length of time – 4.3%
  11. Where do you think trash cans should be stored?
    1. Anywhere up near the house – 55.8%
    2. Behind the house – 10.6%
    3. Inside the garage – 22.1%
    4. Indifferent – 11.5%
  12. There have been many complaints about disabled vehicles/vehicles on blocks.  What are your thoughts about this?
    1. It’s ok as long as it’s on the driveway – 9.5%
    2. It’s ok as long as it has a vehicle cover over it – 3.8%
    3. It’s ok as long as it is behind the house – 7.6%
    4. There should be a time limit as to how long it is allowed to be there – 78.1%
    5. Indifferent – 1.0%
  13. Mike Wells (one of the developers of Mustang Creek Estates) has offered to sell our HOA the 8 acre property at the end of Ricky Ranch for $32,000. The property is considered to be in a flood plain by the Army Corp of Engineers so its uses are limited.  Knowing that the purchase of the property will also come with the added expenses of taxes, insurance, upkeep, liability, etc.; do you think we should buy this land?
    1. Definitely Yes – 17.2%
    2. Absolutely No – 61.2%
    3. Indifferent – 21.6%
  14. Current CCRs (Article VII, section r) state that Culvert pipes underneath driveways shall be faced with natural stone or brick with mortar or concrete.  Do you feel this should apply to secondary driveways onto properties as well?
    1. Yes – 49.2%
    2. No – 26.3%
    3. Indifferent – 24.6%
  15. Would you like there to be Neighborhood Watch signs in our neighborhood?
    1. Yes – 58.5%
    2. No – 10.2%
    3. Indifferent – 31.4%
  16. Many homeowners have the brick/stone left over from building their home stored at the back of their property.  Current CCRs (Article VII, section x) state that no building material of any kind shall be stored upon the lot until the owner is ready to begin building.  What are your thoughts on this?
    1. Homeowners should have to remove this brick and stone – 19.3%
    2. As long as it is stored behind the house, it’s fine with me – 71.1%
    3. Indifferent – 9.6%
  17. Do you think empty lots should have to be mowed as often as lots with homes on them?
    1. Yes – 37.1%
    2. No but empty lots should be mowed at least ____ times a year – 57.8%
      1. #of times per year – # of people who chose this # 2 – 6
        3x – 4
        4x – 26
        6x – 9
        8x – 2
        10x – 1
        12x – 8
        24x – 1
    3. I don’t think empty lots need to be mowed – 2.6%
    4. Indifferent – 2.6%
  18. Current CCRs (Article VII, section n) state that no sign shall be erected or maintained on any lot except a “for sale” sign which shall not exceed 15 square feet in size.  What are your thoughts on signs?
    1. We should keep this as is and the HOA should enforce it – 29.3%
    2. Other signs should also be allowed i.e. no soliciting, garage sale, school, political signage, etc. – 21.6%
    3. Other signs should be allowed but we need restrictions i.e. how many, size, type of sign, etc. – 38.8%
    4. Indifferent – 10.3%
  19. If a homeowner has a dead tree/bush in their yard, which of the following do you agree with most?
    1. Tree/bush should be removed within 3 months of notice from HOA – 69.8%
    2. Tree/bush should be removed within 6 months of notice from HOA – 14.7%
    3. Homeowner does not need to remove dead tree/bush – 4.3%
    4. Indifferent – 11.2%
  20. Some property owners have expressed an interest in raising chickens which would also require chicken coops.  How do you feel about changing the CCRs to allow chickens?
    1. We should allow hens and roosters and chicken coops – 5.9%
    2. We should only allow hens and chicken coops – 19.5%
    3. Do NOT allow chickens or chicken coops – 66.1%
    4. Indifferent – 8.5%
  21. Our perimeter fence is in need of repairs or replacement.  What would you like done about the fence?
    1. Repaired/replaced with the same split rail fence material and look – 31.9%
    2. Replaced with a cedar wood ranch fence – 15.9%
    3. Replaced with a metal pipe fence similar to what Rocky Creek Ranch has – 20.4%
    4. Whichever is the least expensive option – 21.2%
    5. Indifferent – 10.6%
  22. Currently, the HOA mows the entrance outward to the second houses on both sides and the rest of the area between the perimeter fence and FM1187 is maintained by TxDOT.  Which of the following do you agree with more?
    1. Our HOA should incur the cost of hiring someone to mow/trim this area on a regular basis – 23.3%
    2. Continue to only have TxDOT mow this area – 57.8%
    3. Indifferent – 19.0%
  23. Tarrant County is responsible for our streets but we are a low priority at this time.  Should the HOA invest money in liquid street edging and sealer to stop the grass and weeds from growing into the street?
    1. Yes, let’s use some of our funds – 27.4%
    2. No, do NOT use our HOA funds for roads.  Let Tarrant County take care of the roads – 57.3%
    3. Indifferent – 15.4%
  24. Currently the HOA is being self-managed.  This means that everything is being handled by volunteers in our community.  It is possible to hire a management company to handle all HOA business for a cost of $25,000-$30,000 per year.  How do you feel about hiring a management company?
    1. Yes we should spend the money and hire a management company – 6.1%
    2. No, let’s continue to self-manage – 83.5%
    3. Indifferent – 10.4%

We received 118 surveys out of 184 sent  64.1%

Other things brought up by homeowners and how many times they were brought up (tally marks):

  • Dog Poop- I
  • HOA Meetings- II
  • Entrance lights are too bright when leaving- IIIII (5)
  • Shelcon/water- IIII
  • Placement of water restriction signs by Shelcon-I
  • Thank you-IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII (16)
  • Sign-up sheet for weekend projects- I
  • Enforce/collect past dues and put liens on delinquent homeowners – IIIII (5)
  • Gate the entrance- II
  • People with perimeter fence on property should maintain it- IIIII (5)
  • People need to paint/stain their houses- II
  • Camera surveillance at both entrances- I
  • Fireworks regulations/rules- II
  • Gas Well cleaned up??- I
  • Sheds/buildings without brick- III
  • Street Lights- I
  • Tacky lights on driveways- I
  • Dissolve HOA- I
  • People need to mow their entire property- III
  • Are barking dogs against the law- I
  • Pay the Board members in some way- III


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